How Are Typical Ballroom Lessons Held?

Ballroom dancing is either taught on an individual basis or to couples as a group. They can also be taught as private lessons with one on one interaction or in a group class where you participate along with 10 to 20 others. Naturally, group lessons tend to be less expensive and a good way to start with if you only want to learn the basics, get a feel for what ballroom dancing is all about. Besides, in group lessons you need not even come with a dance partner. However, private lessons are where you can learn real moves, push yourself and become better. It also happens to be expensive and time consuming.

Thomas Boxtiger recommends, “If you happen to be a couple, then an instructor observes you as you two dance but if you are an individual then the instructor dances with you as he or she teaches you.”

In any format that you feel comfortable in, the instructor will always start by first introducing the music of the dance and the characteristics of the dance too. After that the instructor should teach the appropriate frame, foot work and coordination required with your partner. Finally, it comes down to timing and movement from one dance step to another. Usually, instructions are practiced without any music. Once you are comfortable with the steps, you with a partner then perform the same sequence of steps to music in the background.

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