The Columbia University Ballroom Dance Team offers 10 weeks of classes per semester (Fall and Spring). Members can choose to join the competitive classes (Latin and Standard), or the social classes, or both.

New members can join the competitive class at the beginning of every semester (Fall and Spring) and the social class is open throughout the year.

Semester dues

Each semester, the first week of classes is FREE! It is a perfect opportunity to discover ballroom dancing and to try our classes.

Tracks Number of Classes per Semester
Standard 10 Classes
Latin 10 Classes
Social 10 Classes
Mixing and matching classes is also an option, with the cost of each class getting less for each additional one!
Number of Tracks Dues per Semester (Affiliated) Dues per Semester (Unaffiliated)
1 $80 $120
2 $120 $150
3 $150 $180
* You may choose to pay at $10 per class during the second week (two-week trial period). From the third week on, however, you MUST pay in full.
* If you join both Standard/Latin and decide to compete, competition registration fees are compensated (around $45 per competition! and 4-5 competitions per semester).
* Non-competing members pay the equivalent of about five dollars per class! This is a great deal considering most classes in the city cost over $50 per class.
* Affiliated denotes CURRENT Columbia students and those who have a valid CUID, and Unaffiliated for all others.

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