The Ballroom Dance Competition Guide [html, pdf]
Everything you need to know about competitions. A guide for newcomers and experienced dancers. Includes:
  • Categories and divisions - Styles, levels, YCN points system
  • What to expect at a competition
  • Dressing for success: What to wear at a competition
  • Check list: What to bring
  • Selling it: The character of each dance
  • What judges look for: Interview of a judge

The Shoe Guide [html, pdf]
  • The difference between ballroom shoes and regular shoes
  • When to buy your first ballroom shoes
  • The different types of ballroom shoes
  • Practice sneakers
  • How to find the right shoes
  • Recommendations for Newcomers
  • Where to buy: Recommended merchants
  • Shoes maintenance
  • Heel covers (for ladies)