Buying From Full Time Versus Part Timer Dealership

Are you looking for a second hand vehicle? Is your son ready to drive his first car now that he has got his driving license? Why spend big on a brand new car when you can get the same experience and pleasure driving a second hand vehicle – really there is not much difference if the vehicle has been refurbished and properly checked. But wait, are you buying your car from a full time dealer or a part time dealer? That is a serious question and one that needs answering too.

Let’s start with the most obvious of differences. A large car dealership or rather a full time dealership has the right set of business licenses, insurances and all other paper works in place. For them to cheat you is a liability and one that they and you are covered for. On the other hand with a part timer home based garage dealer, you really never know if the right paper works have been filed. If all goes well though, and you can trust the part time dealer to a certain extent, and you can actually land up with a pretty good sale. However, in the event that things do not go as planned you could be stuck with a rust bucket that is not road legal to begin with. There are emission norms, insurances, road taxes and things a car needs before it can be deemed street legal. Besides being legal to drive down the road, your safety is another concern and one that no law can force onto you. Make sure that any dealer you do buy from has a comprehensive motor traders insurance policy in place; because you’ll want to be able to test drive it. Ask to see a copy of their traders policy.

Large dealerships with a fixed base of operation, registered business front cannot dupe or cheat folks without getting some form of action taken against them. But trying to take action against part time dealers with no registered storefront is suicidal. Not only did you get stuck with a bum car but cannot prove that the vehicle was purchased in a state that caused an accident or broke down from the garage dealer. And what if the dealer decides to move out and change residence in a few months, how will you get your hard earned money back then?

No one is saying not to purchase from part time dealers but do take care when you do. Check all the papers, inspect thoroughly the vehicle from all angles. Find out if the vehicle was in prior accidents, why the previous owner sold it, inquire and justify the price tag before you dish out the cash. Remember, part time dealers offer cheaper deals but not all are well intentioned and only a few really do it as a hobby.