The Columbia University Ballroom and Latin Dance Team was created in 1998 in order to represent Columbia in collegiate and amateur Ballroom and Latin dance competitions. The Team offers classes in International Standard and Latin, as well as Social dancing classes.

The constitution of the Team is available here.

The Board
Class Year 2015-2016

Jayati Verma Crystal Song Agnes Carlowicz Joanna Lee
Jayati Verma
Crystal Song
Vice President
Agnes Carlowicz
Joanna Lee
Spencer Thomas Brown Christine Xu Cathleen Villapudua Natalia Spica
Spencer Thomas Brown
Competition Chair
Christine Xu
Events Chair

Cathleen Villapudua
Mentorship Chair
Natalia Romana Spica
BADC Co-Chair
Darin Patmon
Darin Patmon
BADC Co-Chair

Previous Board Members

Class Year 2013-2014

President - Jayati Verma
Vice President - Djordje Vuckovic
Secretary - Darin Patmon
Treasurer - Natalia Romano Spica
Competition Captain - Lauren Chadwick
Social Chair - Louis Lin Chen
Newcomer/Events Chair - Sheryl Crespo
Formation Team Chair - Andriana Matviyishyn
Adeeti Katti
BADC Chair - Spencer Brown
Webmaster/Publicity Chair - Feifei Kong

Class Year 2013-2014

President - Djordje Vuckovic
Vice President - Sarah Kellner
Secretary - Feifei Kong
Treasurer - Christina LaGamma
Competition Captain - Olivia Xiang
Social Chair - Louis Lin Chen
Mentorship/Newcomer Chair - Desi Petkova
Formation Team Chair - Shivrat Chhabra / Louis Lin Chen
Events Coordinator - Adeeti Katti
BADC Chair - Shivrat Chhabra
Webmaster - Spencer Brown

Class Year 2012-2013

President - Shivrat Chhabra
Vice President - Djordje Vuckovic
Secretary - Vincent Xu
Treasurer - Lauren Chadwick
Competition Captain - Helen Chen
Social Chair - Louis Lin Chen
Mentorship Chair - Roel Mercado
BADC Chair - Teresa Lii
Publicity/Webmaster Chair - Vangie Shue

Class Year 2011-2012

President - Helen Chen
Vice President - Jennifer Alzate
Secretary - Vangie Shue
Treasurer - Abigail Struhl
Competition Chair - Denise Machin
Social Chair - Rachel Goldstein
Newcomer Chair - Shivrat Chhabra
Events Coordinator - Sebastian Garcia
BADC Chair - Catherine Woo
BADC Delegates - Simone Nguyen, Grace Baek
Publicity/Webmaster Chair - Connie Liu

Class Year 2010-2011

President - Connie Liu
Vice President - Josh Walteros
Secretary - Jennifer Alzate
Treasurer - Helen Chen
Competition Chair - Denise Machin
Publicity Chair - Simone Nguyen
BADC Chair - Catherine Woo
Publicity/Webmaster Chair - Cecile Auger

Class Year 2009-2010

President - Aileen Yan
Vice President - Dasha Wise
Secretary - Connie Liu
Treasurer - Alice Xu
Competition Chair - Ersi Nie
Social Chair - Rosalyn Hansrisuk
BADC Chair - Nishant Mittal
Publicity/Webmaster Chair - Cecile Auger

Class Year 2008-2009

President - Ying Liao
Vice President - Shaun Wilson
Secretary - Dasha Wise
Treasurer - Teresa Lii
Competition Chair - Aileen Yan
Social Chair - Dehui Kong
BADC Chair - Nishant Mittal
Publicity/Webmaster Chair - Cecile Auger

Class Year 2007-2008

President - Liza Volkova
Vice President - Tom Chen
Secretary - Ying Liao
Treasurer - Shaun Wilson
Competition Chair - Nonie Shiverick
Social Chair - Sandra Hudak
BADC Chair - Catherine Woo
Publicity/Webmaster Chair - Nishant Mittal

Class Year 2006-2007

President - Catherine Woo
Vice President - Yvonne Chang
Secretary - Shira Hoffman
Treasurer - Tom Chen
Competition Chair - Alice Yang
Social Chair - Liza Volkova
Publicity/Webmaster Chair - Jeremy Xia

Class Year 2005-2006

President - Rushan Guan
Vice President - Maggie Jan
Secretary - Catherine Woo
Treasurer - Nishant Mittal
Competition Chair - Yvonne Chang
Social Chair - Naomi Choodnovskiy
MAC Chair - Andrew Fleming
Publicity/Webmaster Chair - Jeremy Xia

Class Year 2004-2005

President - Joyce Lee & Marina Zeltser
Vice President - Rushan Guan
Secretary - Jen Taler
Treasurer - Maggie Jan
MAC Chair -